With social media and smart phones you can document and publish your life in pictures insta(gram)ntly.  Most of the time, I find myself cringing at the pictures tagged of me on facebook, but with Instagram and other phone editing apps, the quality of pictures on social media are rapidly improving.  All of the sudden it is quite easy to capture a moment and

edit it so that it reflects the mood you are trying to create.  Quite a few of my friends that I follow on Instagram have taken many breathtaking shots, that are, quite tragedically, destined to stay tangled up in the world wide web.  These pictures need to be printed and displayed, at least in your own home!Printing pictures from the internet is simple and a great way to incorporate your own art into your life.  The best part about photos, especially today, is that they are easily manipulated.  For instance you can print a few black and white photos and create a nice grouping that will go with almost any décor.  Color photos add a nice pop to any room and you can size your photos to fit your space.  Not to mention they are a great conversation starter!You can get started printing your photos at our Epps Bridge location – for more information click here.