Physically, the purpose of matting is to protect the artwork by creating an airspace between the artwork and glass. Changes of temperature and humidity may cause moisture to condense on the inside of the glass and damage the artwork. By creating a small air pocket between the picture and the glass, the matting prevents this condensation from settling on the paper and eventually growing mold.

Aesthetically, its function is to support the picture by isolating it from its surroundings and to provide a neutral space for the eye between the art and frame. By selecting matting for a piece of artwork the designer creates an overall visual continuity between the artwork and the framing materials so that the artwork is enhanced. 

At Athens Art and Frame, we carry the highest quality archival mats from the industries leading manufactures to ensure the highest level of protection for your photos or artwork. Our selection of mats include standard acid free mats as well as color core, black core, fabric and extra thick 8ply mats.

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