Featured Artist: Mallory Moye

A true local artist, Mallory Moye was born and raised right here in Athens, Georgia! Like many artists, she began her creative journey as a child who loved to paint and draw animals. This creativity was fostered by her parents who turned their unfinished basement into Mallory’s studio. She would spend hours there cultivating her unique style of painting and drawing; some of this artwork still exists as murals today in that same basement studio - 20 years after her parents sold the house! She was also mentored by a family friend who taught her to draw Monet’s “Woman with Parasol” which she would draw over and over again.

Through all of her exploration, Mallory has learned to embrace imperfection. She found that painting is her true passion so she primarily sticks to acrylics so she can work fast, adding layer upon layer of beautifully chosen colors. She is inspired by the colors, movement and vibrancy of the Impressionists and this is apparent in her own vibrant work. Mallory often applies this style to animals painted on large canvases. Mallory says of her own art, “I’ve realized I love painting on large surfaces, because I have more room to dance about on the canvas. I love painting animals. They are living, breathing creatures who rarely sit still. I challenge myself to look beyond the photo I am painting and attempt to capture the spirit of the animal.”

The process for creating one of her paintings begins with a photograph, so it has to be the right photograph. Composition, lighting and movement are important to create a good starting point for the painting to come. After a quick sketch onto the canvas, its time to turn on some music and just let go: “I paint layer upon layer. I dance. I get messy...it gets everywhere, but that is creativity for me.”

Currently, Mallory is working on a new project: illustrating a children’s book with the faculty at the UGA college of Veterinary Medicine. “This has been an extraordinary challenge and delightful change of pace. I’m enjoying seeing the whimsy of painting for a children’s story, but also taking time to be intentional and thoughtful behind each choice.”

You can see more of Mallory Moye’s incredible work at her website mallorymoyeart.com and on Instagram @MalloryMoye