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Pre-made Frames

If you need to have your artwork or photo framed quickly and can’t wait to order a custom frame, our collection of pre-made frames might be the answer. We have a wide range of pre-made frames in different styles and finishes all built to standard sizes. These frames come without glass so they would be perfect for photos or artwork on canvas.  You can also add a mat and glass of your choice to frame a photo or artwork on paper. Our pre-made frames are produced from frame material left over from custom framing projects and are always priced 50% below retail.

Baroque Frames - Sometimes your wedding portrait or oil painting is calling for a special period baroque frame. The word baroque is used to describe an extravagant style of frame characterized by curving lines, gilt, and gold. Baroque frames have closed corners and are available in both standard and custom sizes.

We are no longer stocking baroque or closed corner frames, however we are happy to assist you in choosing and special ordering the right style to match your tastes.

Standard Frame Sizes:

  • 5x7
  • 6x8
  • 8x10
  • 9x12
  • 11x14
  • 14x18
  • 16x20
  • 20x24
  • 24x30
  • 24x36
  • 30x40

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