No Glasses Required

It seems that 3D has become the new rage. Nearly every theater has at least one movie showing in 3D, and I even watched a movie in 3D at a friend’s house, with his 3D TV. 3D printers are making a splash in the technology world, and are getting more affordable to the average consumer. 3D is no longer only at the IMAX, it has entered our homes. And while I cannot yet afford one of these mind blowing 3D printers, it has definitely got me thinking in three dimensions. So let’s talk about decorating… in 3D.Decorating with sculpture can seem daunting at first. It’s easy to dismiss sculpture as fitting for only a museum or a large public works display. But if we are going to be watching 3D movies in our living rooms, 3D art should not intimidate us! Sculpture is a great way to add depth and create some really interesting shadows. Plus you aren't limited to using your wall space. Sculptures can be placed on a bookshelf, used as a centerpiece on your table, on your mantle, or even outside in the garden (make sure it can withstand the elements). It can be a central focal point to a room, or it can be an understated accent.

Not sure where to start? Pottery is a nice way to ease into incorporating sculpture into your life. I have an affinity for large decorative mugs that I like to use to decorate my shelves (and if you're lucky like me, you will have a friend make you a really awesome dinosaur mug). Vases (large or small) are another good way to add some depth to a room. Check out art galleries and artist’s markets for some cool sculpture or enroll in a ceramics class and make your own!
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