Local Artist Yvonne Studevan - Artist Bio

Artist Yvonne Studevan

Local Athens, Georgia artist Yvonne Studevan[/caption]Art has been an integral component of my life. It is said and I believe that Art is timeless. It continuously gives enjoyment. Art is spiritual. It evokes feelings of love, hope, and peace in people. It carries messages from deep within the artist's soul. I love to create and when my art evokes an emotion or reaction I find it rewarding.

Chapel down the Road by Yvonne Studevan

Chapel Down the Road, oil on canvas[/caption]My art is inspired by my surroundings, travels, events in my life, and people. I love color, the playfulness of light on objects, and texture. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums: oil, oil pastel, pastel, charcoal and watercolor.I love plein air painting, trying to capture a scene in a few hour as the sun dances across the sky is stimulating and challenging.

Winding Through Canola, by Yvonne Studevan

Winding Through Canola, oil on canvas[/caption]The work on display is a sample of my plein air paintings around Athens, Georgia, Northeast Georgia, and Hilton Head, South Carolina. A variety of mediums were utilized. Each medium presents a different opportunity to mix, blend, scratch, smudge and smear. Hopefully, you will find enjoyment in viewing my work.