In with the old!

If you’re like me, you've amassed a huge collection of t shirts. Most of mine are from eons ago, i.e. don’t fit or are falling apart. But somehow I can’t quite make myself get rid of them. I continually lug them across the country and back again, and yet I never seem to integrate them into my wardrobe. They evoke a special memory or have a really awesome graphic design on them. But last month, as I packed up my belongings to, once again, haul them 1500 miles; I decided to consolidate my stuff. It didn't go so well; as I held my once favorite t-shirt poised over the trash bag, I began to think of what else I could do with it. I didn't want that shirt to be out of my life, I just no longer wanted to wear it. So I decided to hold on to it and re-purpose it as a pillow case.There are numerous ways to integrate your old t-shirts into your life, without wearing them. Soft, comfortable t-shirts with cool patterns make great throw pillows. You can also stretch a shirt on some cork board, throw a cool frame around it, and voila an awesome,

personalized bulletin board! And for the shirts that have sentimental value, there is no better way to preserve them than by framing them and hanging them with pride as an art piece. Here are some more ideas for what to do with those pesky, cool t-shirts:- Make them into oven mitts- Or dish towels,- Or sew them into a quilt, if you’re really ambitious.- Cover a journal or scrapbook with them,- Or sew together a nifty bag.So grab some needle and thread and get to work! Or visit any of our Athens art and frame stores and we’d be happy to frame it up for you!
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