Framing Newspaper Articles

Framing newspaper articles

Creative designs to make preserve newspaper article and make them look good [/caption]Here at Athens Art and Frame, we get to frame a lot of different materials. It is always an honor to have the opportunity to frame and protect the photos, posters and other objects that represent memories for our customers.

Framing Newspaper Articles

Newsprint will yellow if it's not handled correctly. Framing these items makes them look great,  but also keeps them protected.Newspaper articles, for example, are commonly kept by many people, despite the fact that they are not intended to last for long periods of time. Those old clippings quickly become yellowed and brittle. This is because they are printed on newsprint, a low-cost and non-archival paper made primarily from wood pulp. It was invented by Charles Fenerty in 1844 and allowed for the mass-distribution of news publications and advertisements. Printers and publishing companies preferred newsprint for its cost-effectiveness and its strength, which made it perfect for accepting four-color printing to produce relatively high-quality prints. Newsprint is less expensive than other papers because it does not undergo the same chemical processes to remove a substance called lignen.

Framing Newspaper articles

Special mat cut out are needed to jog around unwanted information. Special Mat cutouts for newspaper articles. [/caption]Lignen is responsible for the quick deterioration and yellowing of newsprint when it is exposed to sunlight or air.Unfortunately, all of the qualities that made newsprint so popular are what pose the largest issues for those hoping to hold onto those old newspapers. However, there are several solutions to help keep those memories or historic moments preserved. First, placing the article in a frame can keep it safe from more direct damage, such as tearing and folding. We also offer glass with a UV coating, which can slow down the natural yellowing process of the newsprint.While some things can be done that will greatly extend the life of your newsprint, another option is to create an archival copy. We take a high quality scan and then print it onto an archival, acid-free paper that will not fade or yellow the way the original inevitably will. Once the decision has been made on whether to frame the original or the copy, we can cut a custom mat opening that will fit the article and hide any unwanted or unrelated things such as advertisements.

Printing a newspaper article

This newspaper article was transferred to archival paper then printed and framed. Framing newsprints can pose some interesting challenges, from quickly aging newsprint to the need for special designs and layouts. However, you can rest assured your newspapers are in good hands when you have them framed with us. Not only will they last longer, but they'll look so nice hanging on the wall instead of hiding away in that old shoebox or scrap book! So bring them on in so we can preserve those memories for you.