DropBox for storing and backing up your photos

Dropbox for storing your photos

Dropbox for storing and backing up your photos[/caption]From the time photography emerged and became accessible to the masses, photographs have been treasured pieces of memorabilia. As technology has progressed, photographs have moved away from the tactile and into the digital. The migration from film to digital means that photos no longer need to be printed and stored in a physical sense in albums or boxes. Now with the widespread use of phones equipt with powerful cameras becoming the norm, the amount of photos we accumulate has increased over one hundred times over. Gone are the days of taking roughly 25 photos on a roll of film and printing those same 25 photos.

Dropbox for smart phone

Get the Dropbox app for your smart phone[/caption]Now we take hundreds and store them on the memory of our phones or on a computer. This has made it simple to share our photos and keep them accessible to us at all times. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take the time to sit and sift through every photo to decide what to keep and then transfer them from our phones to the computer. This means that we all inevitably face that dreaded moment when we are poised to take the perfect photo with friends during a great night out on the town or a beautiful shot of the scenery during a hike or vacation and you click the button only to be informed that your memory is full to the brim with countless other memories.Luckily technology keeps moving forward and offers solutions to these new problems. Dropbox, a cloud-based storage service, is here to save the day. Dropbox is a simple system that allows you to store, access and manage photos and other files in the virtual cloud across several devices. Set up is simple and only requires going to Dropbox.com on your computer to set up an account.The basic service is free and offers 5 GB of storage. More is available for purchase if needed. From there you can simply download the Dropbox app on your phone and sync it to your account. This can be done across several devices including computers, phones and tablets. Now any photo you take can be saved to the Dropbox and accessed on your computer without having to take the time to transfer manually. Dropbox keeps your phone memory free to continue taking great photos and acts as the ultimate photo album. When you want to share a picture with friends, you no longer have to question if it has already been removed from your phone.

If it's in Dropbox, it's there. Also, if your phone breaks or your computer crashes, the photos are still safely in the cloud.

As technology moves forward, it is great to know that we can now carry our memories safely in our pockets.