Custom Fabric Wrapped Mats

Fabric wrapped mats and liners are an elegant and versatile option for many framing projects. Since we wrap them by hand in our shop, our customers are given a nearly endless set of new choices of colors, patterns and textures…they can even bring in their own fabric!

Custom fabric wrapped mats

Tools for custom fabric wrapped mats [/caption]To wrap the mat or liner, a fabric is chosen and then cut to a size slightly larger than the item to be wrapped. It is then cut, glued and shaped to create crisp, clean edges and corners. This technique offers several benefits, such as the ability to choose a fabric that will match or accent a specific room or piece of furniture.

Custom wrapped fabric mats

Hundreds of fabric colors and textures types[/caption]Beyond this, it offers countless combinations for those instances when our prefabricated mats or frame liners may not offer the perfect fit. For example, 8 ply mats, which are thicker than standard 4 ply mats, are great for creating more depth in a matted piece. However, 8 ply mats do not come in fabric selections.Fabric mats create an interesting and rich surface due to the effects of light and shadows on the individual fibers. With our fabric wrapping technique we can combine the depth of an 8 ply mat with the visual appeal of a fabric, creating a dynamic and elegant new look.

Custom wrapped fabric mats

Custom wrapped fabric mats [/caption]In some situations the white core of a mat can be a distraction. Wrapping a mat in fabric is an alternative to a reverse bevel that allows the bevel to be seen, providing the look of a fabric mat with the visual continuity of a solid core mat.

Custom wrapped fabric mats

For pieces without mats, such as oil paintings, fabric wrapped liners are a great solution. Unlike prefabricated liners that are cut and joined, fabric wrapped liners have a seamless appearance at the corners.Though we offer our customers numerous mat and liner options, fabric wrapping allows us to extend the possibilities and combinations tremendously, enhancing our ability to achieve the perfect look for any piece!