Creature Feature - Athens GA

A painting from the Creature feature show Athens, GA [/caption]For most people the term “creature features” conjures up memories of any number of films starring impossibly large and terrifying animals stomping across a big screen, leaving a trail of destruction behind them as audiences watched in awe or, in the case of the lower-budget films, amusement. From Godzilla to King Kong to Sharknado, we have always been interested in the concept of mutated animals that grow big and bad, but how many people notice the theme of nature vs. the man made in such stories?

Creature Feature local art Athens GA

A painting from the Creature feature show Athens, GA [/caption]Local Athens artist Will L. Eskridge is primarily a painter, though he works in other mediums as well. Eskridge focuses on animals as his subjects, often placing them in surreal surroundings. Eskridge is interested in exploring not only the relationship between nature, specifically animals, and technology, but the effect that human advancements and intervention are having on them. It is with this in mind that Eskridge created the series “Creature Features”. As many locals are aware, Athens offers many outlets for artists. Aside from the main exhibition locations, there are numerous local businesses that offer their walls as makeshift galleries. In fact it is at The World Famous, a favorite Athens restaurant, that Eskridge’s paintings are currently being displayed.

Creature Feature local art Athens GA

Creature Feature local art Athens GA . The reception for “Creature Features” was held on September 15th and contained a small collection of paintings that resembled old fashioned movie posters from the 50s-70s. Eskridge created his own animal hybrids, complete with witty titles, including “Owligator from the Sky”. Viewers are likely to chuckle when seeing the paintings, which are certainly meant to take on a comical tone. However, underlying the humor, Eskridge’s theme of the effects of technology on animals is definitely present. It can be difficult to create art that evokes a playful humor while also tackling a much deeper meaning, and “Creature Features” has certainly managed to do that. I am glad that Athens is the kind of town where a small show with a big message can be seen in the most unexpected places. By Laura Eavenson