Color and Custom Framing

Incorporating color into you custom framing designs

Incorporating color into you custom framing designs[/caption]It should come as no surprise that color is a prominent factor in framing. Customers often enter our shop looking for the right mat and frame combination for their piece. But what makes a design “right”? There is almost never a single answer for any art, but there are some things to keep in mind when thinking about incorporating colors into a design.Many people want their piece of art to enhance or match a current aesthetic in their home, which can narrow down the colors and frame styles used. In most cases, however, it is best to remember that the frame design should enhance and support the piece of art as much as possible. When working with a piece with a lot of bold colors, it can be tempting to choose two or three of these colors and replicate them with mats in the hopes of bringing out those colors. While there are some instances where this can work, often this type of strategy overwhelms the art and pulls attention away from what is being framed.

Adding color to framing - Athens Art and Frame

Adding color to a custom framing piece [/caption] If you want to draw attention to a specific area of color in a piece, it can be achieved with a neutral top mat and the brighter accent color underneath. This keeps the colors from competing for attention. Choosing a single color and repeating it as a double mat is another way to use color without going over the top. Sticking with one color also allows the bevel of the mats to pop when using a white or black core mat.For times when a piece of art does call for a bolder use of color, it is not necessarily always best to choose a mat that matches the intensity of the color in the art. Choosing a mat that is a similar hue and a little more muted allows the colors in the art to pop.

Adding color to a framing project - Athens Art and Frame

Adding color to a framing project. There are also times when eliminating color all together is the best choice. Choosing a double white or off white mat lets the colors in the art speak for themselves. This style is typical in many galleries, as it does not add or detract from the art, allowing it to stand on its own.In the end the most important factor in choosing the right mats is YOU. It can be a helpful to remember some key points when choosing your mats: Find the focal point and work on enhancing it, not competing with it. Let the colors in the art stand out, and do not feel obligated to incorporate every main color, or any color in some cases. Any rule can be bent at times, but knowing these tips can certainly set you on the right path to finding the perfect design for you!