2016 Holiday Gift Guide

It's hard to believe that 2016 is nearing its end and that the holiday season is just around the corner. 'Tis the season for gathering around the table with family to enjoy delicious food and good company...and for trying to find the perfect gift to give to the special people in your life. It can be hard to find the right thing for everyone on your list, and how many times have we all waited until the last minute because we couldn't decide? Well this year, why not think about doing something a little more personal?

Our photo frames are all handmade in the United States and come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes.

We offer a lot of great gifts and services at the frame shop to help you find the right fit for anyone! While we specialize in custom framing, we also offer some pretty unique photo services. We offer full service and self service printing at our photo kiosk, so you can print that great snapshot for all of your friends. Once it's printed you can really set it off with a photo frame. Now you have a personalized gift ready to go, and at around $15-$30, you won't be breaking the bank!

Diploma Frame copy

Everyone knows Athens is a thriving college town, and college students become college graduates! If you have a recent grad in your life this Christmas, we also offer a vast range of diploma frames thatare already assembled so that you or your grad can install the diploma themselves. We have styles ranging from about $90 to $160. Whether they're the more classic or traditional type, into sports or want something that celebrates their particular college, we have the perfect fit.

We carry a wide rage of Athens prints by artists from around the region.

The Classic City is a beautiful place to be around Christmas with all of the lights downtown. For a lot of people Athens is a temporary home, and a little reminder of their time spent here can be a really meaningful gift. We feature prints of local scenes and art by local artists, both framed and unframed, in our shop. If you have any friends or siblings that have moved on to new things, they're sure to smile when they open up a print of one of their favorite downtown spots. The prints come in different sizes and range from $40-$125.

If you can't decide which paining to frame we can collage a few together!

Now that you have your friends and siblings covered,what about Mom? If she's like most, she probably has a box somewhere full of all those art class finger paintings and drawings you did when you or her grandkids were little. At our photo center, we can take that box of treasured memories and turn it into a digital album that can be saved to a disk and shared with all of the relatives. Not only does this make them more accessible, it preserves them in case anything should happen to the originals. And, if Mom has a favorite work of art, why not have it framed so she can display it on her wall and see it every day?

Damaged and faded photos are repaired digitally and made to look brand new.

When you start shopping for dad this year, ask yourself: does he really need another pair of socks? Instead, why not find an old photograph or two that we can restore for him in our photo center? We're able to take your faded, damaged, creased photographs and scan them on our high resolution scanner to capture all of the details. Then we can work on the photo digitally to fix any damaged areas. Nothing is done to the original, so it is never damaged or altered. Then, we can print the restored copy on archival paper, or save it to a disk. Dad can spend his Christmas remembering the good old days when he gets this gift! Depending on the services and the degree of restoration, this can run about $40-$80.We have you covered here at the frame shop for all of your Christmas gift needs, but it's always a good idea to start thinking about bringing your artwork in early so that you can rest assured everything will be ready in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays!