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Improper handling is the biggest foe for photographs; their fragile emulsions can be smudged with a touch and fade rapidly if exposed to light, moisture, heat or acidity. We recommend using conservation matting and glass as the best way to ensure that old family photo will around for many generations to enjoy.

  • Do not talk over an unprotected photograph many photos are damaged this way.( by spitting)
  • Wear clean gloves and do not touch the image areas. 
  • If it is necessary to dust the image, use a soft brush.
  • Do not blow on it as there is moisture in your breath. Always carry an image with two hands.
  • Mounted old photos should also be handled with 2 hands - because the backing board could be brittle and may break off.

Because of the soft tonal values and faded contrast, most, old photos possess solid core, linen or suede mats are good mats to use.

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Old photographs

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