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Military & sports medal

Many of our biggest achievements are recognized with medals, plaques or badges. Once we have done the hard work to earn that recognition, framing is the best way to put these items on display instead of leaving them gathering dust in a drawer.

A shadow box is an ideal way to combine awards with other items to tell a story. Photographs, articles, brass plates or any number of objects can be framed together to create a dynamic design for your space.

Each object is individually mounted in the best way for that unique item. The same array of specialty materials are available for creating the design - textured mats in any color and quality shadow box mouldings with UV glass will really take the final product to the next level.

Choosing one of our anti reflective glass options will also reduce the glare on your piece so that the objects can be more clearly seen and enjoyed!

  • Purple Heart Medal
  • Eagle Scout Award
  • Retiring Police Awards
  • Retiring Fireman
  • Marathon Awards
  • Triathlon Awards  
  • Swimming Medals
  • Military Service Awards

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Military & sports medal

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