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Resurrecting Old Photos

Pricing for bringing your photographs back to life is dependent on the amount of restoration needed. Damage done to the face always requires more time and attention and is generally a medium-heavy or heavy restoration charge. Basic price levels are. 

Photographs Stuck to Glass -  $20.00 - Table-top photo frames are a popular way of displaying photos but over time moisture from humidity can permeate the glass and cause the photo to stick to it. When this happens the best course of action is to scan the photo through the glass and make another print. Price good for any size photo up to 8x10

Light Restoration - $40.00:  For photographs with light damage to non-detail areas/might need minimal spots removed in a small section of the photograph. Photographs that have started to fade would also fall in this category.

Medium Restoration - $60.00: For photographs that have some major trauma to the background area or if you want a person or object removed.  

Medium - Heavy Restoration - $80.00: For photographs that have some severely torn or damaged areas or if we need to create or replace the whole background. 

Heavy Restoration - $110.00: Heavily stained, spotted, scratched or torn photographs. Repair extends to the whole photograph including faces

Add or Remove a Person -$60.00: Combine multiple images to make one family photo or remove unwanted guests from a photo or background. 

Change Background - $60.00: The subject of a good photograph can be ruined by the distractions or clutter in the background. Just choose a different background and we will replace it with the background of your photograph 

Colorization - $60.00: We can add life to an old black and white or badly discolored photograph by colorizing. You can either give your color choices or let our experts use their experienced eye to do it for you.

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