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Jerseys are the king of sports memorabilia and make for great eye-catching and conversation starting displays. We’ve framed college and professional game-worn and signed jerseys from any sport you could think of, and also many local and kids’ jerseys that make for great keepsakes. They are fantastic gifts for the sports lover in your life and worthy additions to any fans’ collection.

The only way to effectively preserve and display your autographed jersey is to frame it archivally, which we consider a specialty of ours after framing hundreds of jerseys over the past 48 years. We start with the design, which is as individual as you want to make it; there are hundreds of choices in frames and matboard. Other items like photographs, brass plates, gloves, tickets, programs, newspaper articles, or any other memorable items make great additions to the shadowbox for a truly custom feel.

Once the design is settled, the jersey passes into the hands of our skilled production team. They start by mounting it to an acid free matboard by strategically sewing portions of the jersey down. Sewing is the best mounting option available since it is completely reversible and is invisible from the outside of the frame. The fabric hangs and looks as natural as possible and there is never any glue involved.

Next the frame is built and shims, or the sides of the shadowbox, are made from either the same or a complimentary color matboard. The shims act as a spacer between the backing and glass so the jersey makes no contact with the glazing and no water damage from condensation can occur. Lastly, the frame is put together with UV protective glass - the most important conservation element that keeps the jersey and signature from fading. If not under UV protective glass, the signature on the jersey can fade quickly over a few years, even without direct sunlight.

Framed smartly for aesthetic and conservation, your jersey is ready to be the envy of your game day party crowd. The whole process takes about 10 days but can be rushed in special circumstances. Pricing can vary widely based on the kind and size of jersey and the materials selected for framing. Our Epps Bridge Showroom is open daily, and we’d love to take a look at your projects and answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

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Sports jerseys

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