Prints like other types of artwork should be framed using conservation practices. Here are all of the components that are included in a framing package that would ensure your artwork is protected. 

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Frame - Normally made of wood or aluminium, the frame provides the strength as well as the decorative support for the framing components and the work of art. Mouldings come in all sizes and shapes in a variety of finishes that will enhance and compliment the art. The entire framed piece should be structurally sound, and the moulding itself should be wide and deep enough to support the weight of the other components.

Matting / spacer - The primary purpose of a mat is to create space between the surface of the glass and the art. This will prevent mildew and mold from growing on the print and also prevent the art or photo from sticking to the glass. A spacer such as frame space can solve the problem if a mat isn’t wanted.
Mounting - This refers to what holds the artwork in place behind the mat. Typically T-hinges are used, but there are other mounting types avalable depending on the project. These include; sew downs, silicone glue downs, dry mounting and stretching. 

Glazing - In order to protect a piece from pollutants in the atmosphere, glazing (glass or plexi glass) is substantial part in framing. Depending on what glass you use, it can protect from harmful UV light waves and keeps all of the framing components from falling out of the front of the frame. Mats can buckle and fall out of a frame if there is no glass to hold it in. 

Backing board - A board used in the assembly, behind the artwork. This provides support to the artwork, mount and mats to keep them lying flat. It also helps to keep dust, insects and pollutants away from the artwork. Foam core is our standard backing board, it’s lightweight, strong and acid free.

Dust cover - Used to seal in all of the components to keep dust, bugs and other debris out. 

Bumpers - A small self adhesive pad, normally made of cork, felt or sponge, that is fixed to the bottom corners of the frame. These are used to hold the frame away from the wall allowing free airflow around the back of the frame.

Hanging Hardware - Is the hardware on the back of the frame used to securely hang the artwork on a wall. There are several types of hardware that can be used. 

  1. Strap hangers with wire - this is our standard type of hanging hardware because the hangers lay flat against the frame so they don’t mark the walls; they are also more secure. This is our default hanger unless otherwise noted 
  2. Sawtooth hangers - suitable for small frames. Frames are easier to hang and they lay flatter against the wall.   
  3. Mirror Straps - similar to the strap hanger but larger and there is no wire. These hangers are designed for heavier pieces and will make the artwork or mirror hang flatter against the wall. 
  4. Security Hangers - primarily used for commercial application to lock artwork to the wall. There are 2 types of security hangers one for wood frames and one for metal frames - a special key is needed to lock the hanger in place. 
  5. French Cleats - these come in different sizes from 24” to 48” it’s a 2 part bracket one goes on the back of the frame at the top and v faces down the other part goes on the wall and v faces up the 2 v’s interlock and holds the piece in place. 

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