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Matting - Adding a mat to your photo framing project creates a neutral space between the frame and your photo that is pleasing to the eye. It also creates an air space between the glass and your photo that will protect it from moisture transferring from the glass.  sWe recommend matting or frame-space for all photographs. The emulsion on photos, especially the high gloss photos are fragile and have a tendency to stick to glass or leave watermarks - an air pocket between the photo and glass will protect the photo.

  • Mounting - we recommend dry mounting all photos 11x14 or larger, most photographic paper is thin enough to show some waves, which could be distracting, when hanging on the wall.
  • Gallery Look - Would be framing a photo with a white off white mat and black, silver or while clean, straight edge frame. Typically the mats for this style would be fairly wide to give plenty of neutral space between the photo, frame and environment. For a little ‘bump’ on this design try using an extra deep, 8-ply mat which gives a subtle depth to the photo.
  • Sunsets - Many colorful, rich sunsets look good with a dark mat on top and a lighter mat. maybe yellow, orange or red, underneath. The tight woven linen mats are a good choice because the fabric absorbs more light, rendering richer, deeper colors than standard mats.
  • Photo Gallery - Our line of Photo Gallery frames are an excellent choice for a clean, simple and cost effective way to frame photos
  • Easel Backs - Any custom frame or ready made frame up to 11x14 can be fitted with a suede easel back for standing on a table. There is an additional charge for the easel back. We don't recommend fitting a frame with both and easel back and wire because, the easel back arm has will keep the frame from laying flat against the wall.

Recommended Mounting - T-hinge on photos smaller than 8x10 and dry mounting on larger photos.

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