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Newsprint is generally made by a mechanical milling process without the chemical processes that are used to remove lignin from the pulp. The lignin causes the paper to become brittle and yellow when exposed to air and/or sunlight.

Framing newsprint with conservation glass will slow down the yellowing of newsprint but will not fully prevent it. Matting of a newspaper will often require a special mat cut because of the irregularities of the columns and the placement of ads.

We recommend mounting newspapers on black substrate to minimize the text bleed through from the opposite side of the newspaper.

Scanning and printing your newspaper or magazine article on archival paper will ensure that it will be preserved for many generations. This will prevent any yellowing or fading issues and allows the layout to be redesigned as needed.


When framing a magazine we have a few options. We can remove the cover or pages for framing and design a custom mat with multiple openings in a layout that creates the best flow. We can also opt to keep the whole magazine intact with a special sink mounting technique. This allows the cover to show while hiding the depth of the magazine underneath.

Another option is to scan and print the pages that are important to you. This allows us to use archival paper, which will preserve the information for generations. We can also adjust the layout as needed before printing to create the optimum design.

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Magazines & newspaper

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