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Scanning Services

A Photo Center wouldn’t be complete without Image Scanning; our full suite of photo scanning services is geared toward producing high quality, color accurate files and prints with the care and skill necessary for protecting delicate and valuable photographs and artwork.

Scanning in Athens, GA

Our default scanning service includes a single high resolution and color accurate scan using our large flatbed scannerfor images up to 11”x17”. The resolution is at minimum 300 dpi and saved as a .jpg or .tif by preference, and can be delivered via jump drive, CD, google drive, or dropbox link. Pieces are handled by just a few white gloved hands and never leave the room they are dropped off in.

We have scanned tens of thousands of photographs, documents, and pieces of artwork for archiving, printing, and framing. Most of these pieces had extreme sentimental (sometimes monetary) value. A recent project included scanning every page of a very valuable and brittle early Ebony magazine; we spent hours gingerly turning each page and slowly flattening them on the scanner so that the delicate paper fibers would not stretch.

Fine Art Capture

For scanning pieces larger than 11”x17”, several scans are taken piece by piece and stitched together via photoshop. This process results in a complete scan without seams or any noticeable trace that the piece was scanned piecemeal. We’ve scanned and pieced together large diplomas, blueprints, and antique maps that one person had to hold while the other configured the scanning settings on the computer; the photo center is a team sport!

Alternatively, for larger pieces and for fine art reproduction, we take a high resolution DSLR capture with color neutral studio lighting from several angles. The file is edited for true color clarity and contrast on our calibrated studio monitor before delivery or printing. We are happy to produce proofs for the artist to review - there is a surprising amount of nuance to reproducing fine artwork.

Bulk Scanning

Our second most popular service is our Slide and Negative Scanning. For a flat rate, we take a 3200dpi (or higher) scan, balance color and contrast, and repair dust and scratches. Each slide or negative is gently dusted and loaded individually into the scanner by hand. Our careful handling and eye for detail sets us apart from other services that offer bulk slide scanning, and again, your irreplaceable memories are never shipped out or handled by anyone other than our photo experts.

For a large number of photographs we offer our Rapid Shoebox Scan service, which includes up to 200 photos scanned in high resolution on a jump drive. Most photographs are able to be scanned using the rapid scanner unless they are brittle, torn, or otherwise too delicate for the scanner to pull them through. We have had as many as one thousand pictures to scan at a time.

Digitizing your photo archive is the only way to fully ensure preservation for future generations. The files can be copied in as many places as you like, and they are very easy to gift to relatives that did not inherit the originals. The service only needs to be done once; your family will forever thank you for preserving their memories.

Call or come by the Photo Center today for free consultation on your project. We are open 7 days a week, and are excited to work with you!

Jobs Athens GA

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