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Preserving your special awards

Framing Sports Medals with photographs and Bibs have become a popular way to celebrate a running, swimming, golf or other event. A brass plate can also be added to provide information about the event. It is fun to relive the moment and also preserve the memories of these events for which someone trained so hard.

These medal and event frames also can add an interesting element to a room’s decor, while recognizing an important milestone. Several of our customers have gathered the medals, bibs, and photographs and had these mementos framed for a family member, or friend.

Athens, GA AthHalf

This is a simple shadow box that just displays the running medal the participant recieved after completing the event. Now it's an art piece and conversation maker for friends and family.

Framed medal from Athens GA, AthHalf by Athens Art and Frame

Marathon Award

Here we created a shadow box with a place for the marathon runners bib, medal and 5x7 photo of the runner during the event. Typically if the bib is floated with the edges showing, it looks more dimensional and authentic then if it was matted with the edge covered.

framing your marathon bibb, medal and photo by Athens Art and Frame

Medal and Bib

Here we created a shadow box for the marathon runners bib and medal. This layout provided for a clean compact presentation that will keep the memorabilia from the event preserved for generations to enjoy.

CFA Half

Example of a bib, medal and photo from Chick-Fil-A's Athens, Georgia half marathon, CFA Half.

framing your marathon awards - Athens Art and Frame

Savannah, Georgia's Rock n Roll Marathon

A bib, medal and photo from Savannah Georgia's Rock n Roll Marathon.

framing your marathon awards - Athens Art and Frame

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