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Preserving dad's delivery scrubs

It’s good to see that Fathers being involved during the birth of their child at the hospital is becoming routine. And we’re seeing more Fathers celebrating the happy event and their involvement by framing some of the memories from the Birth-Day.

Fathers are given scrubs to wear during the birth and very often the babies newly inked footprints are imprinted on the gowns. Happy parents are bringing these gowns in to be framed and preserved to help commemorate the birth of a child.

We have shown a couple of examples here- the scrub top sewn down with a brass plate with the name of the child and date of birth. Another gown we framed included pictures of the birth. We can add the wrist band, or any other memories you want to be preserved from the happy day.

Scrubs with newborns vitals, picture, announcement and hat

On this shadowbox, we used the entire scrub top as a background. This top has the footprints, as well as the vital statistics of the newborn stamped on it, including her name. The parents wanted to show the birth announcements as well as a couple of photos of their baby. The frame used is from the Allegra collection of Larson Juhl and has a soft gold patina that complemented the couple’s traditional decor.

 Athens Art and Frame - Custom Framing

Scrubs, photos and baby tees

This sample is showing how we can lay out different types of things such as the newbie tee shirts, and several photos showing both parents holding their newborn. We decided to tuck one of the pictures into the pocket of the scrub top! This could be framed in wood tone, black or white moulding

 Athens Art and Frame - Custom Framing
 Athens Art and Frame - Custom Framing

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Athens Art and Frame - Custom Framing