Displaying, Sharing, and Protecting your Child's Artwork

At the end of the school year our children bring their full art portfolio home. They are thrilled with their creations and you are so proud of their talent. Of course you want to preserve those memories, but sometimes displaying, keeping up with, and protecting their masterpieces can be a little overwhelming.
We've put our heads together and found solutions so that you can cherish these memories for years to come.

Custom Framing

Fridge magnets are fine, but the right display for your child's artwork can really elevate a space. For instance, you could hang a boring stock print in your office to take up space, or you could hang an artfully framed drawing by your kindergartner. The latter could spark an endearing conversation with a client. With custom framing, the possibilities are endless; use a bold mat or liner to display the piece in their bedroom or playroom, or use a gallery style to hang in an office. Wherever you want to put your child's art, we'll help you design a frame that is perfect for the artwork and the space.

Digital Archiving

Tiny living is in and wall space comes at a premium, but you don't have to hide that artwork in the attic. Drop them off at our photo center and we will capture and edit them for color and contrast. You will be given a CD with the digital files ready to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Grandma learned how to use social media to keep up with her grandbabies and she would love to see each and every masterpiece.

The package includes 15 captures, editing, and a CD at $25.00 total. Additional captures are $2.00.

Protective Sleeves

Now that your artwork is stored digitally, you can safely store it physically. We offer acetate bags with a rigid, chemically neutral foamcore backing in any size. The bags protect your artwork from the elements, and the backing will keep it from bending or being crushed for years to come.

Sleeves and foamcore can be purchased individually price by size (from $.50 to $3.00).

Framed Collage

If you want to frame and display their artwork but your wall space is limited, we offer an elegant solution. With scans of several pieces we can craft a custom collage, print it on Epson Luster paper with our Giclee printer, mat it with your choice of color, and frame it in white. The whole project comes a package price with two size options.

The small package will fit up to 4 images on 11x14 paper, with an outside frame size of 17x20 for $85.
The large package will fit up to 6 images on 16x20 paper, with an outside frame size of 24x26 for $125.

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