Special custom shadow box for Boy Scout awards

The Boy Scouts of America provides a program for young men that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship and develops personal fitness. Accomplishments earned while in the Boy Scouts should be cherished, protected and displayed for all to see. From special awards, badges, trips and camps, we have been archiving scouting memorabilia and awards since 1970.

Boy Scout patches, badges, pins and medals

This first series of pictures show how we are starting to arrange the badges, sash, photos and newspaper article of a gentleman who has attained his Eagle Scout Rank. He had saved everything in an old shoe box and had always wanted to put them in a display.

Eagle Scout Shadow Box

We used gray suede matting which allowed the badges and awards to stand out and then used a rustic wood frame that would also go with the room in which the frame was to hang. His Scout experience involved a lot of camping, so we wanted to use something rustic and outdoorsy. The price for this shadow box with the Larson-Juhl Verona wood veneer frame, suede matting, labor and museum glass was about $475.00

Eagle Scout certificate, patch and medal

This shadowbox includes just the Eagle Scout certificate, patch, and medal that was awarded to a different customer. This design was a bit simpler, only including one of our standard black matte frames and a blue top mat. The medals were archivally mounted on a black mat. The price for this package came out to about $180.

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