Preserving your special awards

Your award was given to you in recognition of your excellence in a certain field or your participation in a specific event. If your award was signified by a trophy, certificate, commemorative plaque, medal, badge, pin or ribbon we have framing solutions to get your accomplishments on the wall for everyone to see.

First 10K Run

This couple had just completed their first 10K together and to remember the experience they framed their running bibbs, a photo of them at the event and we added a plate with date and times engraved. Now it's an art piece and conversation maker for friends and family.

Six Sigma Green Belt

The Eaton Corporation wanted to present the recipient of this prestigious award more than a simple certificate frame. So we incorporated the symbolic green belt to give depth to the framing project - and now this certificate stands out more than a regular certificate. The addition of the belt made the presentation more meaningful and interesting.

Medical Staff Officer

The retiring doctors who served as officers on the Athens Regional Medical Centerís board of directors received a special medallion and an inscribed plaque thanking them for their guidance and leadership. To make the awards stand out more, we cut the mats in the shape of a key hole (symbolizing that they were given the key to the hospital). Elevated the mats added shadows, which created depth to help accentuate the keyhole concept.

Ceremonial Scissors

Every great project or new building deserves a ribbon cutting ceremony to inform the community and honor the individuals who helped make it possible. Framing the scissors, with photos and plaques with names and dates is a great way to archive the institutions accomplishments and growth. They also make great wall decor for lobbies.

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