Building Your Heritage Wall

Your family photographs are more than a random assortment of images - each picture is a time capsule that records a moment from the lives of your ancestors. Regardless of whether the photos are formal portraits or random snapshots of family, friends, pets, houses or vacation trips all together they can tell a story of a lifetime or the history of a family.

Creating a heritage wall with family pictures can bring your ancestors to life and educate your children about their family and the past.

how to protect your old photographs

Building your heritage wall one ancestor at a time

Just like every person has a different personality, creating a heritage wall with unique, one-of-a-kind frames for different photographs can add character, depth and interest to your wall. However, creating these unique one-of-a-kind framing packages can be time consuming and expensive.

how to protect your old photographs

Fast, easy and affordable

Our Ancestry Frame sets offer the perfect solution. We offer frames and mats that have been professionally designed for old photographs, and because they are pre-made, the decision process is fast and easy, and at 50% the cost of a similar custom framed option.

how to protect your old photographs

With our fast, easy and inexpensive Ancestry Frame sets, there is no reason not to start your own heritage wall today! Stop by our store off Epps Bridge Parkway with your family photos and we’ll help pick out the perfect framing package.

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