Framing Cross-stitch Art

You start with a blank piece of fabric and then stitch by stitch and many hours later a work of art has been created. Framing your needle-art is the best way to protect and display your work of art.

Framing Cross-stitch

Before and After framing a cross-stitch art piece

When a your needle-art is framed it should be stretched over an acid free substrate that will get any wrinkles out and line up your stitches.

Over the past 42 years we have stretched and framed thousands of needle-art. The design combinations may be infinitely varied, and level of preservation may be, too.

The mounting method is very important with needle art because that is the task that most affects the longevity of the piece.

Glazing or glass must be properly installed and is important to the preservation of the needle-art.

Bring your needle-art in and we will show you how it can be protected and become an heirloom to be handed down for generations