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ARTinis – Art Lounge

ARTinis Art Lounge

Painting created at ARTinis art lounge

Athens is a great place for those with an interest in art. There are several museums and local galleries where visitors can get lost in the works of local artists. However, for those who are looking to do more than just look, a local Athens business called ARTinis Art Lounge is just the place.

ARTinis Art Lounge

An evening of painting at ARTinis art lounge

At ARTinis you and your friends can spend an evening creating your very own paintings, all while sipping some wine. There are several different instructors who each create their own original works of art for the ARTinis calendar. The calendar is updated every month with new paintings to choose from to fit every style. Kate Cook, the owner, also teaches classes. Kate graduated with a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University, but it was not until getting the idea for ARTinis that she decided to make art her career, saying that while her other jobs “put food on the table, art fed her soul.”
ARTinis Art Lounge

The finished painting after an evening of painting at ARTinis art lounge

Upon walking into ARTinis for a class, you will find your supplies already set up for you, including brushes, acrylic paint and a canvas. The setting is cozy and the space, complete with exposed brick and paintings lining the walls, will quickly get you in the right creative state of mind. These classes are meant to be a fun, creative, relaxing outing. However, if you need some help unwinding, there are several varieties of beer and wine to help get your creative juices flowing. Class is begun with just a few basic painting tips, and an assurance that everyone can do this. Each instructor is an artist and leads you through creating the painting step by step, offering encouragement and assistance along the way.

Athens Art and Frame ready-made frames

Large selection of ready-made frames for paintings available at Athens Art and frame

ARTinis is the place to have the most fun with paint in Athens, and when the night is over you’re left feeling great with your very own masterpiece to take home, but before you decide on a place to showcase it, remember that Athens Art and Frame will be happy to finish it off for you with the perfect 16 x 20 readymade frame! By Laura Eavenson